Bob’s Blog on- Churchill was A Masterpiece of a Man but Also….

Churchill was A Masterpiece of a Man but Also …

Certainly Churchill played an extraordinary role in the winning of WW II. As I was curating the Brit Masterpieces Tour I thought that our participants would like to see some of his life. Masterpieces aren’t just about the wonderful PBS programs, but about standout people, world class gardens and events – all are masterpieces!

Over my years visiting the UK there were two Churchill oriented visits which stood out as remarkable, and which I wanted to share with our tour participant members – the Churchill War Rooms and Chartwell, his residence. At the War Rooms you will see the actual bunker where he strategized over the progress, or lack of, during the War. Attached to the rooms has been created a museum with many wonderful pictures and mementos.

Chartwell, his home is pretty much as it was when Churchill resided there. You can see where he painted and the beautiful gardens. But in the house you will see an unexpected thing which may caste the man in a bit different light. I will not say any more – join us to see Churchill in a more human way. When I pointed it out to my first wife she laughed and said, “You would notice that”.

We will be visiting both. The Brit Masterpieces Tour is a 14 night tour of the UK like “You have Never Seen It”. We will be visiting London, York, Bath and Cornwall. Join us on this bucket list trip.

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