Debonair’s COVID-19 Unchartered waters~ tips to navigate through

Debonair’s COVID-19 Unchartered waters – tips to navigate through


I hope everyone is feeling well, fully stocked with essentials and are safe.

Please know that I am here now and when we get through this crisis.

Knowledge is power-

In stressful times- meditation is recommended.

Oprah and Deepak Chopra have teamed up with a free – Hope In Uncertain Times 21 day meditation-

Chopra also recommends the STOP formula when you feel stressed-

S- Stop

T-  Take 3 deep breaths & smile

O- Observe your breath

P-  Proceed with compassion

7-8 hours of sleep is recommended.

If you normally work 8 hours keep to your regular schedule or keep on a routine.

Exercise to sweat out anxiety.

Here is a list of resources-

Real ID deadline has been extended to 10/1/21 – Only Oregon, Oklahoma & Alaska are not compliant currently & people in those states will need a US passport for domestic flights. Read more-

Take Care, Deb